19 July 2021

Construction of strategic rail freight connection begins at SEGRO Logistics Park Northampton

Construction has begun to create the connection for the 35-acre strategic rail freight interchange (SRFI) at SEGRO Logistics Park Northampton. As part of the development SEGRO is investing £190 million into infrastructure, including the new SRFI and significant improvements to the surrounding road network.

To coincide with this latest project milestone, new CGI images have been released showing for the first time how the development will look once complete. The 450-acre state-of-the-art multi-modal logistics development will be home to five million square feet of modern sustainable warehouse space and logistics facilities. Strategically located next to junction 15 on the M1 motorway, the first plots are expected to be available to build upon later this year.

Over the coming weeks the construction activity will be largely focused on earthworks, including stripping the topsoil for the rail connection, freight terminal, building plateaus and estate roads.

Andrew Pilsworth, Managing Director, National Logistics at SEGRO, said:

“The World Economic Forum estimates that nearly a quarter of the UK’s population is expected to permanently change the way they shop following the pandemic and it is thought that e-commerce could rise from 19.2% to 53% by 2028.

“It will only be possible for people to buy more goods online if they choose to and to have them delivered in a timely manner if we continue to develop high quality warehouse space in the right locations, such as SEGRO Logistics Park Northampton. At this site we will also have the added benefit of the rail freight terminal which will enable these goods to be transported around the country in a more sustainable way.”

Work first started on site in January 2020, with enabling works to prepare the site for construction, including ecology, archaeology and ground investigations, taking place in May 2020.

The infrastructure improvements are being delivered in partnership with Highways England, Network Rail and local authorities, and are anticipated to be complete by the end of 2023.

The development of SEGRO Logistics Park Northampton Gateway is expected to create approximately 7,500 direct jobs, with around 120 created during the infrastructure construction phase. SEGRO is working alongside local council and community partners to deliver an employment and skills programme that will provide training and employment opportunities for members of the local community.

The site will include over 80 acres of parkland and amenity grassland, 18km of footpaths, 20km of hedgerows and the planting of 60,000 new trees.

Strategic rail freight interchanges are an essential part of the UK’s logistics network, contributing £1.7bn* to the economy. They also play a vital role in easing congestion, with each freight train removing up to 76** HGVs from Britain’s roads. Rail freight is also significantly cleaner and greener than road or air freight, with every tonne of freight transported by rail generating 76% fewer carbon emissions compared to road haulage**. SEGRO has incorporated a successful intermodal SRFI, operated my Maritime Transport, at SEGRO Logistics Park East Midlands Gateway near Castle Donnington. It can accommodate up to 16 freight trains a day and provides direct access to the UK’s SRFI network, as well as major UK ports such as Southampton, Felixstowe, London Gateway and the Channel Tunnel.