What's Happening This Summer

Our appointed contractor, Winvic Construction Ltd is making good progress with both the main onsite works and the programme of highways works.

Over the summer months, you will see the following activities on site:

  • Development plateaux - major earthworks are progressing on the main site to create platforms for the distribution building plots and internal road corridors. This will include the creation of temporary balancing ponds, treatment areas, diversion and capture channels to prevent silted water running off-site.
  • Services - the new services needed for the site (electric, gas, water, drainage and comms) are being designed and installed, including a new conduit to carry the services under the M1.
  • Rail terminal – excavation works have started for the new rail terminal to prepare the ground for the drainage installation and services to be connected. A 1km long mechanically stabilised earth bund (‘Green wall’) is being constructed to screen the terminal.
  • Rail connection - construction has started on the new rail tunnel linking into the Northampton loop of the West Coast Mainline. The ground will be excavated and foundations laid for the concrete walls.
  • M1 Junction 15a improvement works – investigations for the improvement works will take place overnight in July to minimise disruption to the road user.
  • A508 access roundabout and dualling - works to upgrade this route including earthworks to extend the existing embankment and build the roundabout. Works will be mostly offline with minor off-peak two-way traffic lights to protect the workforce when working up to the existing carriageway.
  • Archaeological, Ecological and Geotechnical investigations and surveys - will continue within the fields around Roade. These works are required to finalise the new road design prior to starting construction of the main bypass in July 2022.

As part of our earthworks strategy, our aim is to transport as little excavated material from the site as possible as part of our commitment to reducing HGV movements on local roads and to minimise the impact on the environment. The material that we move will help to create ‘bunds’ around the perimeter that will help to screen the development along with the extensive landscaping programme with over 80 acres of parkland and amenity grassland, 18km of footpaths and cycleways, 20km of hedgerows and planting of 60,000 new trees.

Geotechnical Investigation at Roade Bypass

As part of the Roade Bypass construction, a new road bridge across the West Coast Main Line will be built to the north of Bailey Brooks Lane Bridge. The ground investigation works to inform the detailed design of the road have been completed. To finalise the design prior to starting construction of the main bypass in July 2022, further site investigations are required in the fields around Roade. You can find out more about the timescales for the opening of the bypass in the FAQs.

A temporary entrance off the A508 has been created to provide safe access to the area where the site compound is located providing designated parking, electric charging points and welfare for those working on the site. You may see the road sweeper which is employed full time to keep the nearby roads clean following all deliveries to site.

Noise and Dust monitoring requirements have been agreed with the local authorities and will be monitored throughout the project. You can read more about how we are planning to minimise disruption and manage our impacts in the Traffic Management section below and in the FAQs.

You can view the timeline of works here and this section of the website will be regularly updated as the status of the works progresses. We will also be providing further updates via regular newsletters and this website.

Traffic Management

Over the summer months, there will be little change to the current traffic layout. The Junction 15 improvement works approved by Highways England will be carried out off-line during the day. Current traffic layouts will be maintained whilst we create widened slip roads off-line behind the existing safety barriers. Click here to see the Traffic Management sequence diagrams.

Overnight, there will be lane restrictions to allow safe access to areas in the centre of the M1 Junction 15 and the A45; a single lane running. Lane restrictions will only be permitted between 20:00hrs and 06:00hrs. These restrictions should not cause any delays as traffic flows are lower overnight with all lanes fully open during the daytime.

There will be a more significant change for footway users as the footway across Junction 15 will be closed. This footway must be closed for the safety of pedestrians during the construction works. The footway will be removed and re-built along the alignment of the new junction. Pedestrians wishing to access Grange Park area from the Collingtree side of the A45 should use Wooldale Road.  You can view the Pedestrian Route Alterations here.

Towards the end of 2021, there will be increased traffic management put in place to enable the reconfiguration of Junction 15 of the M1 to be completed and traffic will start to be moved onto the new junction configuration. This will either replace or supplement existing traffic management to ensure that there is a smooth flow and to minimise any disruption. We appreciate any work in the public highway can be frustrating and would like to apologise in advance for any disruption – we will be getting through the works as quickly and as safely as possible.

We would like to reassure you that we will work closely with the highways authorities to ensure any disruption is minimised and we will keep you regularly updated of any potential impacts. Highway works have been planned in co-ordination with Highways England and Northamptonshire County Council and will be reviewed on a regular basis during the project.

If road closures are required, diversion routes will be put in place and we will notify you of these in advance. For the latest traffic management information see Traffic & Travel.

We are working closely with the team at Highways England who are constructing a ‘smart motorway’ on the M1 between Junctions 13 to 16, which will convert the hard shoulder into a fourth traffic lane. This is a separate scheme and will be delivered during 2019 through to 2022. Please refer to Highways England  for further information.